Paralyzed Veterans of America

Help Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) provide veterans and their families with the support and assistance they need by sharing our public service announcements (PSAs) with your audience. For over 70 years, PVA has helped people with disabilities—veterans and civilians alike—move forward in life with dignity and independence.

What’s Stopping You? (60sec)

What’s Stopping You?

Audio: Stereo / Mixed
TRT: 60 sec

UnstoppABLE is a new, high impact, PSA campaign from Paralyzed Veterans of America that celebrates the indomitable spirit of veterans with spinal cord injury and disease, MS and ALS. The first PSA in the series is set to hard-hitting music and demonstrates PVA’s innovative programs to empower veterans and help them transcend adversity and conquer challenges throughout their lives.

In this PSA you meet two veterans, who through the support of PVA, compete in adaptive sports at the highest levels. Both athletes show you their UnstoppABLE determination and the power of perseverance—a mindset gained through participation in PVA programs.

The PSA seeks to inspire other people with disabilities, but also asks one simple question that anyone facing adversity can relate to—What’s stopping you?

  • What’s Stopping You? (60sec)

    What’s Stopping You?

  • What’s Stopping You? (30sec)

    What’s Stopping You?

  • What’s Stopping You? (15sec)

    What’s Stopping You?

  • Champions (60sec)


  • Champions (30sec)


  • Champions (15sec)



Paralyzed Veterans of America is a congressionally chartered, 501(c)(3) veterans service organization. Founded in 1946, PVA has developed unique expertise in a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction. Programs, services and advocacy are focused on quality health care, support for medical research and education, advocacy for veteran benefits and civil rights for all people with disabilities to maximize their independence.


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